Mount Popa is a volcano 1518 meters (4981 feet) above sea level, and located about 50 km (31 miles) southeast of Bagan.  The name Popa means Flower. The fertile earth on the slopes of the mountain and surrounding plain has produced a large number of rare plants, including orchids, as well as the medicinal plants. The Popa Taung Kalat is home to 37 Nats, or spirits. There are life size statues of 37 Nats in the Shrine on the base of Taung Kalat, and there are very often Nat Pwes (ceremonies in the honor of 37 Nats).

Southwest of Mount Popa is Taung Kalat (pedestal hill), a 737 meters (2,417 ft). A Buddhist monastery is located at the summit of Taung Kalat. At one time, the Buddhist hermit U Khandi maintained the stairway of 777 steps to the summit of Taung Kalat. The Taung Kalat pedestal hill is sometimes itself called Mount Popa  and given that Mount Popa is the name of the actual volcano that caused the creation of the volcanic plug, to avoid confusion, the volcano (with its crater blown open on one side) is generally called Taung Magyi (mother hill). The volcanic crater itself is a mile in diameter.

From the top of Taung Kalat, one can enjoy a panoramic view.



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