It is the rainy season in Myanmar and every year some areas do get flooded. However, this year with climate change, the rains have been pouring down on the country, the rivers are swollen and getting out of their beds ! As you have heard in the last weeks, quite a few parts of Myanmar have been completely under water especially along the Irrawaddy river and in its delta region. In some areas the water went up 8 meters and made entire village disappear. Inspiration Myanmar has been busy with the flood relief working together with another DMC agency. We sent our staff and our Rally Logistics vehicles (flatbed truck and 4X4 Toyota) to the flooded areas in order to help with the distribution of rice, drinking water, clothing and medication. It has been a success and we have been able to bring quite a few tons of supplies to the area. We will carry on as long as it is necessary and possible.

As far as tourism goes, the touristic sites have been so far spared from any real flooding and the clients travelling are continuing their journey around the country, almost normally. For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


(09/04/2013) Water Festival !


Dear clients,

A warm greeting from Inspiration Myanmar. We would like to inform you that Inspiration Myanmar office are closed during Myanmar New Year festival. 

For any operation matters in Myanmar, please contact Zani, our office  manager  or Marlar, our Operations manager who will be on standby.
For any new requests, follow up or information, please contact   Mrs. Zani Khaing .  
In Myanmar please dial :

Zani + (95)  95 188 007  zn.insp[javascript protected email address][javascript protected email address]gmail.com 


Malar  + (95) 95 732 04399   or ml.inspirationmyanmar@gmail.com     

In Europe, please call Bruno Leunen : + (32) 477 22 3901 -  bl.inspirationmyanmar@gmail.com

Inspiration Myanmar Team


(17/09/2012) Presenting "The Burma Road Classic" !

The BURMA ROAD CLASSIC  … the First Ever Vintage Car Rally in Myanmar - October 26 to November 12, 2013

Born on the initiative of two individuals, one with an intense passion for old-timer cars, and one with a love for one of South-East Asia’s most unique and secretive counties,
we are proud to present an ambitious and prestigious project being held in October 2013: the Burma Road Classic, the first old-timer rally ever organised in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

During the 17 day program, privileged participants will have the opportunity to participate on this world premiere, travelling in their old-timer cars, on a carefully designed discovery of this beautiful country.

On an unforgettable journey from the Golden Pagoda in Yangon, through the Shan hills and the old British Hill stations, further to the new capital of Naypidaw and the 2.500 temples of historical Bagan, before finishing on the white, sandy beaches of Ngapali, participants will be charmed by this mysterious country, whose spiritual atmosphere and unparalleled beauty, make it a truly enchanting destination.

Meticulous planning and onsite monitoring by a team of logistic and technical experts from Inspiration Myanmar, will provide the required peace of mind to fully enjoy a unique experience !


(24/4/2012) Inspirations at the Fairs... !

In 2012, Inspiration Myanmar will be attending International Fairs together with Inspirations of the World. Please come and see us !! We have surprises for you .. 



(24/03/2012) Green Hill Valley elephant camp  

GREEN HILL VALLEY Elephant Camp is a new project in the Kalaw area which is focused on protecting the local ecology, elephants and traditions of the local people.

Nature grows undisturbed private elephant camp on the 150 acres of land, where we have the opportunity to learn about Mahouts and their Elephants.
In addition, there are 4 trekking routes through forest. Local trekking guide lead excursions form Kalaw to the elephant camp and the area around the camp.
Along the way, clients will be introduced to local village traditions and to the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. The area is known to be found birds, butterflies, orchids and bamboo forest. Trekking programs range from easy to more difficult.
Their main intention is to support and improve the health and education of local villages and to maintain the natural environment by re-planting and conservation of the forest.
Trekking in the forest and visit Elephant camp with forest conservation project will give you a good souvenir for your trip.

(24/03/2012) Direct flight from Europe to Yangon

Start from 1st November 2012, Condor Airlines will fly from Frankfurt directly to Yangon, Myanmar on Tuesdays. Depart from Frankfurt at 14:40 on Tuesday and arrive to Yangon at 06:25 on Wednesday.
Depart from Yangon at 07:45 on Wednesday and arrive to Frankfurt at 18:40 on Wednesday. The return flight will be Yangon- Frankfurt via Phuket, Thailand







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It is the rainy season in Myanmar and every year some areas do get flooded. However, this year with climate change, the rains have been pouring down on the country, the rivers are swollen and getting out of their beds ... Read more


For any urgent matter, please kindly send to [javascript protected email address] or [javascript protected email address] or contact us by phone at :  
Khaing Zani (MD of EOM/IM) 0095 9 51 88 007

Inspiration Myanmar will participate in LUXEPERIENCE in Sydney from 6-9 September. Myanmar is moving fast , so come and discover the new possibilities the country has to offer… let us Inspire you !”


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Inspiration Myanmar, Rallye Logistics !

In November 2016, Inspiration Myanmar will do the logistics for The Spice Road Classic, a Vintage Car discovery rally through the countries of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

In November 2018, will be the return of The Burma Road Classic, in its 3rd Edition. 

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