Mrauk U is an archaeological and tourist site, situated 11 km east of the Kaladan River in northern Rakhine State. It was founded in 1433, a capital of the Rakhine Kingdom from the 15th to 18th century. It is also known as Myo Haung, literally "Old City" in English. It was an important trade town for Portuguese, Dutch, Indian and Persian traders in 17 th century. We can reach to Sittwe, one hour flight from Yangon and continue to Mrauk U by private boat for 4-5 hours. There are a large number of ancient pagodas, temples and religious buildings around Mrauk U. The most notable temples in Mrauk U are the Shite Thaung Temple (Temple of 80,000 Images or Temple of Victory), Htukkanthein Temple (Htukkan Ordination Hall), the Koe Thaung Temple (Temple of 90,000 Images) and 5 Man Aung pagodas.


From Markus U we can go and visit to the Chin tribe village. The older generation of Chin women has intricately tattooed faces and often very large holes in their ear lobes.




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It is the rainy season in Myanmar and every year some areas do get flooded. However, this year with climate change, the rains have been pouring down on the country, the rivers are swollen and getting out of their beds ... Read more


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Inspiration Myanmar will participate in LUXEPERIENCE in Sydney from 6-9 September. Myanmar is moving fast , so come and discover the new possibilities the country has to offer… let us Inspire you !”


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Inspiration Myanmar, Rallye Logistics !

In November 2016, Inspiration Myanmar will do the logistics for The Spice Road Classic, a Vintage Car discovery rally through the countries of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

In November 2018, will be the return of The Burma Road Classic, in its 3rd Edition. 

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