Responsible travel

In Myanmar, like in every foreign countries, it is necessary to know the customs of the land and the “do’s and don’t” while travelling. Respect is the word!

Covering up and taking shoes off while visiting holy places is an obligation, and most respectful to the monks and the locals. When taking photos of ordinary people or monks, kindly ask if it is ok. Most locals will be delighted to pose for you, but never take a person in uniform like policemen or soldiers.

Tipping is usual as in most countries and is based on the good service provided. It can be given to the porters, the waiters, guides and drivers.

Important: Please do not give money out of compassion to little kids or beggars. It would tilt the family balance and enticed people to beg. Please refer to your guide if in doubts.


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It is the rainy season in Myanmar and every year some areas do get flooded. However, this year with climate change, the rains have been pouring down on the country, the rivers are swollen and getting out of their beds ... Read more


For any urgent matter, please kindly send to [javascript protected email address] or [javascript protected email address] or contact us by phone at :  
Khaing Zani (MD of EOM/IM) 0095 9 51 88 007

Inspiration Myanmar will participate in LUXEPERIENCE in Sydney from 6-9 September. Myanmar is moving fast , so come and discover the new possibilities the country has to offer… let us Inspire you !”


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Inspiration Myanmar, Rallye Logistics !

In November 2016, Inspiration Myanmar will do the logistics for The Spice Road Classic, a Vintage Car discovery rally through the countries of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

In November 2018, will be the return of The Burma Road Classic, in its 3rd Edition. 

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