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Dedicated to create excellence in travel, Inspiration Myanmar was born to be different. We design travel experiences and craft memories to last. Fantastic sceneries, fascinating villages, meditating monks. Myanmar is a jewel! We strive to make you discover places out of the beaten tracks and out of mass tourism. You will meet the villagers, learn their way of living and share their daily routines. Responsible tourism is most important to us, and we work out our itineraries accordingly.


Let us know your needs or aspirations, we will give you the inspiration !

As you go through this site, you will unveil the spirit of the land of Golden Pagodas... Myanmar  !


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Nous sommes en pleine saison des pluies et comme chaque année certaines régions du pays sont inondées. Cette année avec le changement climatique, les pluies ont été plus abondantes et fortes, ce qui a causé de graves inondations... Lire la suite

Travel Fairs

Inspiration Myanmar will participate in 2 fairs before the end of the year : PURE in Marrakesh and IMEX in Frankfurt. Myanmar is moving fast , so come and discover the new possibilities the country has to offer… let us Inspire you !”


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