Myanmar is a tropical country with its 2 main seasons: dry or monsoon.
We advise you to take light cotton clothing for most of the country and a fleece or sweater when you climb up in altitude and in the winter months (December & January) Even though shorts and T-shirts are accepted most everywhere, remember that you will need to cover your legs and shoulder to go to temples and pagodas. Because of the mosquitoes, long sleeves and long pants are needed in the evening.

Easy tip: you can always buy a « Longyi » the local traditional cotton sarong that you can use to cover your legs when needed. It is cheap and handy.  

You will need to take your shoes off to walk in pagodas, monasteries, people’s house, etc.. so better take easy « on & off shoes ».. like tongs, Crocs, etc..

A rain jacket or windbreaker is needed for the winter months or the rainy season. It will also be very handy for the evening transfer on lake Inle to hide from the wind.

Do not forget the basics ... sun glasses, sun cream, mosquito repellent!


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Nous sommes en pleine saison des pluies et comme chaque année certaines régions du pays sont inondées. Cette année avec le changement climatique, les pluies ont été plus abondantes et fortes, ce qui a causé de graves inondations... Lire la suite

Travel Fairs

Inspiration Myanmar will participate in 2 fairs before the end of the year : PURE in Marrakesh and IMEX in Frankfurt. Myanmar is moving fast , so come and discover the new possibilities the country has to offer… let us Inspire you !”


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